The responsibility of the ente

The responsibility towards brands
Dedicated to the localization of international brands and Internationalization of local brands, delivering ultimate consumer experience to global users.

The responsibility towards customers
Customer service is the only reason for Zhenyan Lishe’s existence. Customer demand is the driving force behind the development of Zhenyan. Strict quality control system and comprehensive quality traceability system are the cornerstones of the Group's survival. Zero tolerance attitude towards the quality is the work guidelines of every staff in Zhenyan.

The responsibility towards environmental protection
The survival of mankind depends on a safe and healthy environment. The Group carries out the recycling of courier boxes all the year round. We take environmental awareness as one of the criteria for cooperation assessment and carefully select partner brands. We actively protect the green earth in every detail.

The responsibility towards youth development
Youth are the seeds of the future. Cultivating talents is also a core requirement of the enterprise. Each year, aiming at the health of teenagers in poor areas, the Group actively organizes public welfare events and helps them learn and grow. At the same time, the Group also provides opportunities in the hopes that they will become family members of Zhenyan Lishe in the future.