Beijing Zhenyan Lishe Commerce Group

Founded in 1998, Beijing Zhenyan Lihua Group adheres to the spirit of "striving to build a business", loves to be challenged and break the shackles of traditional marketing and aesthetic concepts. We will address the soul of the brands, lead the needs of users, develop the internal operations, and view the world in an advanced vision with full love and pursuit towards the "beauty and health" industry. Control the future and build strong position in the industry by innovation, technology and fashion.

Beijing Zhenyan Lishe commerce co., ltd. was founded in 1998, whose business operations involves off-line retail, traditional electricity providers, cross-border electricity providers, now retail mode and other new business model. It is the only group company so far that is devoted to developing the brand at home and abroad of healthy and beautiful industry, and it is the benchmark enterprise of the industry having independent supply chain operation ability. Now there are nearly four hundred employees in Zhenyan Lishe and national sales team. It is attracting executives in the industry in various fields to join the escort mission to achieve the vision for the company, leading the forefront of the market to select many top brands with high quality for customers.