Introduction of the founder

Li Hua
The founder of Zhenyan Lihua Group
The business philosophy of Ms. Li Hua is interpreted from 2 dimensions, the business management and brand building:
1, Strategic thinking is a "foresight" ability
In e-commerce enterprises, being an "initiator" is the competitive advantage of enterprises over other rivals. In order to accurately determine the future benefits, the strategic layout must be forward-looking.
2, Execution  
Clarify the strategic direction of enterprises through rigorous decision-making process; make quick judgment when there is no enough information at the strategic level in order to adapt to the rapid changes and fierce competition.
3, "User-like thinking"
The theme of the future business world is "leading the user needs to solve user pain points". Companies need to understand and develop their user groups, so that users can believe in companies’ brands and become followers.
4,Concept innovation
Enterprises must constantly promote innovation and reformation for business development. In today's world, product innovation, technological innovation and management innovation are all very important. What is more crucial is concept innovation. It is so in the past and also in the future. Constantly challenge the assumption and experience of others’ and ours, encourage to find the best solution to the problem from different perspectives and continuously pursue the perfection.
5, Personnel training
Train and develop employees from 3 dimensions of "knowledge, skills and attitudes" through 3 methods of "internal training, external training and actual practice", and thus create a "three & three" tactical personnel training system.